How to choose the groom dress winter dress with?

First, the men dress with several elements

1, before pectoral buttons and cufflinks, although the market may see a dress shirt with cuff links, but with a chain fastened the buckle of the most popular French wedding dress
Most dress shirt front button buttons, but these shirts are also under special collar button hole to fasten the front left pectoral button. There are four shirt studs and cuff links to match. Cufflinks and former pectoral button usually made of wood or pearl agate and silver plated.

2, tie / tie
Formal silk or satin material with decorative ribbon bow is the most popular, but many men still choose gray or black satin bow tie classical texture.

3, black tie
Asked participants to wear a wedding dress than hitting the tie ever popular, statistics show that more men than ever love wearing the dress, although Armani dress is very glamorous, but you do not have to spend so – on the market there are many brands of dresses, prices vary. If your budget is limited, you can rent a groom dress suit. But if you plan to wear this dress more than once, then buy one is cost-effective (this is the case, you have to first consider whether it is suitable for everyday wear dress).

4, dress shirts
There are many types of dress shirts in the world, including shirts and more relaxed elegant fold fold shirts. Uneven fabric made of bras are also very popular, burly men who wore the relatively fit. There are other shirts to choose from, such as semi-cardigan or horizontal fold shirts. There are three of these shirts collar: lapel hard, this is the most popular collar, wearing a shirt with a collar can be seen throughout this bow tie; small lapel, wear this shirt to expose only the bow; and collar, wearing on this shirt would not tie a bow tie – with a similar chain buckle clasp buckle shirt neckline.

Second, the groom dress seven major taboo

A. collar size to a finger into appropriate, should not be too large neckline.
B. no tie to wear with a suit, a button shirt collar at absolutely can not wear, and button placket, you must all wear, otherwise it will become too casual.
C. sleeve shirt sleeve should grow more than 1cm to suit 1.5cm, which only reflect the level of dress, but also to keep clean suit cuffs.
D. When worn with a suit, shirt tail avoid wearing outside the waistband, this will give people the feeling of nondescript.
E. color and dress color coordination is also important, color black groom, the best choice of black or gray dress, white color, you can choose a light-colored dress.
F. twill plaid shirt with a tie; dark grid pattern patterned shirt with a tie; shirt formula ruled grid pattern tie.
G. groom’s shoes are very important to the first line, a pair of good shoes will make people look the spirit of times, dark shoes opponents, and now there are some specifically for weddings with wedding shoes sell, but expensive.



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