Precautions need to choose a wedding bridesmaid

1, note the time

You conclude a marriage, booked a banquet address and determine the guest list and then choose your bridesmaids.

2, the family priority

How your family relations like? If the sisters or aunts relationship is good, why do not you ask them to do it bridesmaids?

3, does not also favor

You absolutely do not need to because when people ask you to do the wedding bridesmaids, this time you get married you have to ask wedding dress

4, location factors

You want to do what is good for your bridesmaids. Is simply to give you moral support it, or expect them to be your assistant, if the latter, then you can not please those who live far away or busy friends. Because they may not be able to help you do these things in a timely manner.

5. Do not stingy

Do not think that individual people may not afford a dress to put them excluded. If you want to invite a friend who happens to be the money, then you can give them their own money to buy the dress okay.

6, male bridesmaid

Bridesmaids is not necessarily female. If your friends are male, do not immediately put him as unqualified candidates. Many with the pro ranks in both current members of the opposite sex. In this case, the bride and the bride side of men called the best man, the one that called female bride and groom bridesmaids.

7, do not stick to the number

If your friend wants to be your bridesmaids, you can also choose a few more, but to remind you: the more bridesmaids, the greater the potential elements of attack disorder.

8. Other Services

You have to realize that your friends on your wedding can do other things, such as poetry readings, distribute program schedule or let them sing, and so add to the fun.

9 news release

Once decided on the bridesmaids list, it can published. The only bad thing is that my colleagues were invited for granted that he is going to come as a bridesmaid. Do not worry about hurting her feelings, sincerely friends will eventually understand any of your decisions. Once the decision is made, we must immediately crossed this one on the list goes on seemingly never-married you have fun, the task is such an item to be completed.



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