Wedding location shooting posture Know

1, try to make clear body curve

Bride in wedding photography, you should try to make their own distinct body curve, or give people a very dull feeling, and it can not reflect the beauty of the picture needed. For example, when shooting the bride must chest and abdomen, and try not to shoot in front. Legs straightened posture should not be too deliberately, can one leg raised slightly more hip should turn with one hand placed on the buttocks, which can increase the width of the screen.

2, head and body in a straight line Do

Wedding location shooting in time, to avoid the head and body in a straight line. For example, when the couple’s eyes are on the lens, the body can turn into a certain angle. If it is time to face the camera body, you can head to the left a little bit biased, so you can look more vivid and three-dimensional.

3. Do not put your arms and legs in parallel lines
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Arms and legs if placed in parallel lines, it will have the same feeling with the hand of the foot, so pay special attention to wedding photography, do not make people feel very mechanically very stiff. Whether sitting or standing, should make their own hands to a certain point of view, this looks more varied, and will increase the sense of elegance.

4, sitting stress

When the couple sat wedding photography, we must maintain the posture of the chest and abdomen, shoulder to avoid the phenomenon of vertical convex belly. In addition, sitting there, not with the usual remember, all the weight of the body on the chair, it is easy to let excess fat legs swell, so shoot out the effect to look good. The correct approach should be the body to move forward or back against the groom, so that it can show the bride’s perfect wedding dress



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