Which is good wedding photo frame

A solid wood frame:
Also known as the wooden frames, wooden frames, that is made of wood as raw frames. Common are fir, pine, oak, paulownia, oak and so on. The most commonly used is the fir and pine. According to the frame to determine the grade of timber.
Second, the plastic frame:
There are engineering plastics, and having a good flame retardancy. Plastic frames are lightweight, strong and malleable, can be made into a variety of shapes.
Third, the crystal frame:
Crystal photo frame There are many on the market today are generally more white eagle, a series of black crystal carving, crystal and other semi-frames, this crystal frame with HDF + transparent crystal resin is made more complex process, but save for a long time, not easy indeed broken. studio generally crystal stone Korea crystal and Fei-based, which is the mainstream of the Korean crystal.cheap wedding dress
Fourth, the glass frame:
Glass photo frame is made of a material made of tempered glass, comparison with ordinary glass, it is not fragile, but relatively thin, generally used as a crystal walls to hang on the wall there is a certain beauty, straight edges and the wavy edge points.
Five, PS environmentally friendly materials:
This material is in addition to PS aesthetics higher, the other properties but also due to other materials currently used, for example, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, pest control variable, wear and the like.



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