Why you changed your car air filter?

The role of the air filter

Air filter is an air purifying device. Airborne dust, grit, and a variety of impurities directly into the engine cylinders if the combustion, they will accelerate engine wear, thereby reducing the life of the engine or cause serious damage to the engine. Air filter cartridge into the dry and wet the filter two filters. The dry filter is our most popular car, it is paper or nonwoven material. In order to increase the air mostly processed by many small crease area, filter. When the filter lightly stained, you can use the compressed air blowing, when the filter is heavily soiled should be promptly replaced with new batteries. In general, air filter replacement time is not accurate, it is based on the use of vehicles to determine the environment, but the replacement time shall not exceed one year, vehicle distance of not more than 15,000 km. China Auto Rental

Replace the air filter from time to time there will be a problem

If severe filter blocking, the intake resistance will increase, engine power down. At the same time due to increased air resistance, will increase the amount of gasoline inhalation, resulting in the mixing ratio is too thick, so that the engine operating condition deteriorated, increased fuel consumption, but also easy to produce coke. Usually should always check the air filter element to develop the habit.truck tyre



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