Why you changed your car engine oil?

Oil’s role:
The engine is the heart of the car, there are a lot of friction between metal surfaces within the engine movement, the movement speed of these components, the environment is poor, the working temperature up to 400 ° C to 600 ° C. In the face of such harsh conditions, only qualified oil engine parts in order to reduce wear and prolong life, then what qualified to meet the requirements of oil yet. That is what is the role of the lubricant.
1, lubricating antifriction: between the piston and the cylinder, there are fast relative sliding between the spindle and bearings, to prevent excessive wear and tear parts, you need to establish a film between two sliding surfaces. There is sufficient oil film thickness will be relatively slidable parts spaced apart from the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear.
2, cool down: oil sump can be re-distribute the heat back into the air to help cool the engine tank.
3. Cleaning Clean: good oil can be carbide on engine parts, sludge, wear metal particles circulating back through the sump, through the flow of lubricating oil, wash the dirt work surface produced parts.
4, leak-proof seal: oil between the piston rings and piston can form a ring, reducing the leakage of gas and prevent contaminants from entering the outside world.
5, rust corrosion: lubricants can prevent adsorption of the parts of the surface in contact with water, air, acidic substances and harmful gases and parts.
6, shock buffer: when a sharp rise in the engine cylinder inlet pressure suddenly increased load piston, crumbs, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing large, the load passing through the bearing lubrication, making cushion to withstand shock loads role .
The quality of the oil situation directly affects engine performance and life, so we must choose the appropriate and timely replacement of the oil.
Unscheduled replacement of oil will arise:
Just said the role of oil in six, under normal circumstances, the domestic sales of the naturally aspirated engine models manufacturers will require users to travel 5000 km -1.5 million kilometers when the replacement of oil, while the supercharged engine models are required to travel 5000 km when replacement, if the car has been in a very open or suspended state, preferably every six months to replace oil. Of course, if your environment and the quality of oil are also good, can be appropriate to extend the oil change intervals and time.
If your car does not go over the oil change oil change, then, deterioration or dirty oil will lose lubrication. In addition, because the oil will be using for a long time after the mixed metal debris, which will lead to increased mechanical wear inside the engine, can cause serious damage to internal engine parts breakage.truck tyre



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