Winter Weather automotive electrical maintenance knowledge

1. Winter car power consumption, to timely care on the battery. Clear oxide battery pile head, and add distilled water. Low temperature will greatly reduce battery capacity, preferably a thorough charging. General battery life is two to three years. If battery life is near, especially automatic car, the best replacement in advance to avoid delaying.

2. cold start is difficult, separated about 30 seconds to launch again, avoid continuous ignition, to avoid causing damage to the starter and the battery runs out of power.truck tyre

3. Winter temperature inside and outside of the larger car, the windows fogging easily affect the eye, so to keep the windshield, side vents, rear window electric heating wire is in good condition.

4. Winter should launch vehicle ignition, the engine until after work, and then open the headlights and other electrical equipment; electrical parking should be first off, and then turn off; the parking lot so as not to power, especially electric windows, headlights, stereo and other large power equipment.



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