The man with the exquisite tie

The color and pattern of the tie, generally plain, twill, dots, and geometric patterns tie can with any style suit or shirt collocation. But it should be noted thatin Paramecium pattern can only wear in leisure time, it is best to avoid using in the work, otherwise you will lose the advantages.

Come have a look three styles: tie tie design mainly in the width of the commontie, tie width for more than 8 – 9 centimeters, the width of up to 12 cm, the narrowest only 5-7 cm. Tie basically divided into three types, you can choose according to their own interests to.

Yes, tie seasonal in general is very knowledgeable, in the summer the best wearsoft type tie silk and silk and other materials, tie knot should also played relativelysmall, in order to give people a refreshing feeling. In the fall and winter color willis given priority to with warm color, such as deep red color, warm color toneCoffee such will be produced in vision feeling of warmth. In the spring and summer to the main color, warm color supplement.

So how to match with photograph tie suit shirt? There is a matching called thethree single, that is to say three monochromatic compared with insurance together in general. Or two single flower, you must pay attention to this kind of attire, which only a pattern or patterns of either the shirt, tie or suit, then thepattern or patterns of color must be the other two colors in one. Right, and asingle flower. If you think this dress will be noticed: when there are two kinds ofpattern or patterns must be separated, pioneer pattern intensity and pattern of the trend. If you wear vertical stripes suit or shirt when you should avoid the use of straight lines or transverse tie, the best use of twill, dots or a paramecium colorno directional tie prom dress

The basic principle of color collocation: silver, white suit with a red tie, red, purplesuit with creamy white tie, dark blue, dark green suit with yellow brown, dark green, rose tie, suit with him a blue tie.



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