Traditional wedding gown

Traditional wedding gown

For the traditional wedding dress collocation with traditional tie is always the first choice for the groom.

Groom suits: your dress must and it is coordinated. Peak lapel is MGM’s taste,and the “V” word collar is the most popular choice. Don’t choose black and the other styles of tie.

Coat: a single button tuxedo jacket of the classic, with free starched shirts andfree polishing buckle. The strap is tall and thin people ready, so that they cancoat more fit, looks like a dress coat.

Cuff: with traditional styles of dress, choose matte, chic point cufflinks, but don’t be too exaggerated. Try to choose the kind of cuff links in addition to shake hands is not so easy to exposed outside.

Pants: don’t choose pants mouth flanging trousers, pants line should be clean and clear. If you don’t like straps, even the most formal dress also allows the prom dress

Shoes: regardless of lace or not, they all should be soft black shoes, and is new.Note: do not select a hasp or suede shoes.



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