According to the figure type choice of dress

Tall large groom fit to wear any type of dress, especially the double breasted and tuxedo the most outstanding.

Short stature small groom is most suitable for simple styles of dress, single breasted or pointed upward dress is very suitable for. Try to avoid a tuxedo, double breasted or Lapel gown, these dresses will make legs look shorter.

Thin body type groom if belongs to relatively tall skinny men, recommend wearing cut some round, can you use is a slight amount of dress to cover thin let body shape.

Body fat than the groom, more suitable for oral, but should avoid a round moon collar; collar suit, angular sword comprehend more suitable for plump face. Dress color to choose brunet department, avoid light, tuxedos and gowns double breasted.

Beer belly type groom suit style is simple, dark single breasted dress, this style in the visual can be slightly elongated shape. Don’t wear the double breasted, tuxedo, because the focus of this type of dress eyes can easily be put in the position of the evening dress



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