Wedding with flowers of knowledge

Wedding flowers meaning:

Rose: love roses transfer information, but different colors of roses have different meanings. Red stands for “I love you”, deep red “imperceptibly the beautiful white rose”, “pure and holy love,” the Yellow Rose said “happy and happy”, pale pink rose said “elegant, noble and admiration”.

In addition, there are different meanings of different colors of roses, red and the Yellow Rose mixed congratulations, yellow rose and orange roses together warmly miss, the red and the white rose said marriage.

Carnation: most of carnations represent love, respect and affection charm. Light red on behalf of “admire”, deep red “deep love and care”, pure white represents “pure love and lucky”, a symbol of eternal love of pink.

Lily: with wheat as a lily with the bride’s headdress, meaning a bumper grain harvest, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. Lily flower color is rich, most people see the white lily with the innocent and sweet together, pink lily represents the sweet and evening dress

Recommend the bouquet flowers

For the couple holding the bouquet of flowers, the Lord general with lily, rose, red Anthurium, bird of paradise, orchids, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, style, with the use of Gypsophila, Qingren Cao, forget me not, leaves with KI sung, asparagus, renal lobes, Brazil Muye, Fatsia japonica leaves.



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