Bingle bride wedding should pay attention to several aspects of this

1 wedding dress in general, simple wedding lines smooth, no complex decoration, more prominent hair smooth and clean bride temperament. Wrap chest hair bride wedding is the best choice, but also the best with sequins design, echoes with the diamond at. In addition, show the neck line wrapped chest wedding can also better grace, to increase the trace of sweetness bingle bride.

The wedding dress design tight one shoulder is neutral, consistent with the short bride temperament. The princess style skirt wedding dress for the little and dainty type bride is the most appropriate. If it is a tall type bride, so long fishtail wedding dress is preferred. Combined with the short wedding with short hair, short hair is the most perfect for the bride, bride can be playful and lively performance of the most incisive. “But exaggerated dress is also very suitable for short hair short hair bride, bride personality generally will be unique, so you can choose a creative wedding.

The 2 veil veil charm is undeniable. Veil generally have long, short, monolayer, multilayer and other types of. The bride in the make-up division under the guidance of according to face to choose their own style. With a veil and headdress flower, properly with or crown can also play the role of rendering. General long fishtail wedding optional long veil; Princess fan Er Qi in wedding optional staple yarn or multilayer short yarn; complex type optional single-layer simple wedding veil.

3 short bride makeup makeup choice, considering factors tend to be a little more. So far, transparent makeup is generally preferred short bride, create outstanding blush is the most successful, if it is too rich and gaudy makeup will cover the hair highlights, and the atmosphere appears to be inadequate. Ceramic makeup makeup, fruits are also, but it is best not to add smoked elements, this will let the bride look a little wedding dress

4 short bride jewelry jewelry selection, should choose according to different hairstyles to bride. For example the mask wearing earrings style suitable for swinging ring, can choose only exposed side lobe, swing ring wear a large, short, just the other side of the UFA and symmetry. The bride can choose short and thin necklace, so each contrast and thick hair. On the contrary, dew ear hair style suitable for inserting ring and swing ring. Large particles of ear plug is suitable for the lower part of the face is full of the bride; thick hair bride or choose better swing ring, hair thin should choose small and light earrings.



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