Glasses of the bride wedding pictures how to shoot?

Long term wearing eyes eyes in general is, eyes narrowed, the eye will have some convex, in order to make up for these shortcomings, make-up artist will become large, dilute the convex glasses are characteristic of this makeup, in order to dilute the eye convex feeling, select the shadow becomes very important, wedding photography studio the general staff in the shadow on the choice will choose the same color, because the same color eye shadow can weaken the image of the eye, do not choose the kind of pale pinkish purple, lavender, pink of this kind of eye shadow, eye shadow will not only dilute this kind eyes convex degree and will increase the eye convex wedding

When wearing glasses, glasses is an additional content of the face, in order not to be so tedious, eye makeup to be relatively brief and simple, in the make-up time, thick eyeliner and dense eyelash is the magic weapon to increase the eye. When doing the eye makeup is best to use your eyelash curler, increasing myopia beauty eyes rely on it, eyelash curler with coated Mascara before, from eyelash root folder, Tu Mascara eyelashes when the first lateral roots with “Z” – shaped repeated smear, and then Qingshua eyelashes, like this can the roots of amplified dense this can be a very good swelling in the eyes, Eyeliner smear finally must be some light, otherwise it would be more abrupt, more natural light will look appeared.



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