Teach you how to choose the long tail wedding

The selection of a suitable set of wedding dress is not so simple, in order to choose the wedding and busy New people. Asked why would like the trailing nuptial dress, the bride is often answered: noble sweet luxury or other long tail wedding, the bride wearing it like a princess in a fairy tale. The long tail is not necessarily suitable for every occasion, often behave in action inconvenience, teach you how to make a long tailed achievement more perfect sweet wedding?

Wedding style and the bride’s body shape and temperament to match the most

To. The different length of the trailing nuptial dress for the wedding of different occasions, but more importantly with different body

Material of the bride. Small trailing nuptial dress wearing comfortable, suitable for a variety of road light body bride. The trailing nuptial

Yarn is the most suitable for the red carpet, does not need the flower, also do not have to worry about being stepped on to embarrass,

But it is not suitable for the body is too thin bride.

No matter is the choice of the Holy Church, the romantic seashore, or solemn wide

The new field, first not intoxicated in the lake, more do not indulge in the magnificent, unthinking haste

Finalize the wedding venue. Large trailing nuptial dress is probably the best pick site costume.

In general, the holy church ceremony or large city square ceremony is the most

To highlight the trailing nuptial dress grand and noble, also make the ceremony times add gorgeous style atmosphere.

If the pattern style too cumbersome or too small, the antiBecome head light foot heavy. Delicate and decent jewelry has a very important to enhance the overall imageUse. Long tail, the most suitable with atmospheric eye-catching accessories, shape can be exaggerated, but also toSimple.cheap wedding dress:www.dressgogogo.com



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