Wedding shooting day notice

The 1 day, the bridegroom shaving, do not wear dark colored underwear, wearing black shoes, black socks, each with a double

2, the day the bride wear light colored Strapless underwear, do not wear a pullover dress

3, must eat breakfast, remember to brush your teeth

4, do not be late

5, take pictures when the Tianshui don’t drink too much, wear a wedding dress is almost impossible to go to the toilet

6, in the first dress to wear sunscreen is not on when wiping gouache

7, the hair stylist do solid, more clips or hair gel is fine, to the wind rain is the first priority

8, “please, thanks”, “thank you” and “sorry” often hang in mouth edge, friendly interactivenature have a good photo

9, pay attention to the local when taking pictures. The lower abdomen, the chest fat or otherplace of fat, crow’s feet, sweat, exposed, clothes, hair, the smoothness of the eyelid patch, the freshness of flowers

10, to take pictures in front of the mirror to practice to see, or don’t know how to laugh ha ha..

11, groom particularly need to pay attention to place

(1) 100% with the bride to Fuzhou wedding photography staff, because the photo is really very tired.

(2) try to tease the bride smiled, like this only then draw pictures you feel love.

(3) that the groom to take good care of yourself, because the bride must wedding dress



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