Natural flowery style bride makeup

Natural flowery makeup feeling

High brightness, low saturation, natural flowery makeup feeling is the mainstream of the season bridal makeup. The skin into a lot of coarse particles in the flash powder, light refraction, creating a moonlight cool skin texture. Pink lip gloss lip plump Yingrun portray the overall makeup effect, natural, soft, sweet, the Qingli elegant makeup become the bride modeling in the timeless classic.

Black and white and clear

Small, flat thick eyeliner, eyelash is the primary element of exaggeration to create this makeup. Eyebrows on the basis of nature simple modified molding, so that it has a sense of power. In the eyes of, make use of dark grey small sootiness effect eye shadow to make the eyes with deep feeling, with a slightly thick charcoal Eyeliner draw the outline of eyeliner, increase the eye contour, with fan type false eyelashes exaggerated, there will be black and white and clear effect.

Graceful eyebrow

From the beginning of the 50’s, is popular with personality, not artificial natural eyebrow. In the eyebrow performance, first use the eyebrow pencil, strengthen the brow part, emphasizes the features of three-dimensional and deep, then along the eyebrow peak backward description, finally from the eyebrow tail, gently backward extension lines of the light painting. Eyebrows, eyes delicate face is one of the classic era

Elegant abundant lip

The choice of naked color lipstick, eyebrow pencil sketches by lower lip line, and then find out the lip peak, connecting Cape, can depict the plump and fat lip. Retro eyeliner, fluttering eyelashes, coarse hair, lip, finished 50 in the most representative makeup feeling, believe that want to create the perfect makeup of the bride can make sexy lips with the evening dress



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