The bride wedding skills

1 choose loose gauze

Choose to loose some of the wedding dress. Body fat do not wear tight clothes, or clothes look like wrapped in the body, tight, disadvantages show. While wearing loose some of the wedding, that comfortable, two seems natural, to also can cover up the excess fat, let the wedding photos are more appropriate.

2 cover a small pot

For waist fat bride, when the wedding pictures, can be clever use of big dress to cover a small pot. Hands light hold wedding, with lovely expression in flowers, not only show the temperament also there is no lack of sense of humor, uses the fluffy skirt, will be good to cover up a small pot. So take out effect is very beautiful, but also the natural.

The 3 dew curve

The bride wanted to create very pretty and charming of the wedding, the most important is in fact pose problems. When you want to show your curve, can use some external things, to focus on in the shoulder, waist, hips, put out the best curve. Although this position will have little difficulty, swing feel is very difficult, but the visual effects to create a very nice, tight muscles can create the most beautiful curve.

4 March veil

When the wedding pictures, can use the wind Qing Yang veil, let the picture at the same time more beautiful can make people focus shifted to raise the veil on. This time the key is to cooperate with the unbridled smile and happy eyes, so you can maximize the veil and focus on your face, but also can make the picture look more beautiful, very suitable for the body a little bloated bride.

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