The groom shot wedding matters needing attention

Matters needing attention when the groom shot wedding

1, hair

The groom’s hairstyle will generally in the first day to take photographs of the good, if the groom to Hair Coloring, be sure to consider the good color, not to Tai Kuazhang, or pictures of the wedding, the bride and groom shape not hair tune. Of course, except in one case, hair style and color that is the bride is very exaggerated, two men walked comedian route, that would be a different matter. Before the shooting, make-up artist will generally use hair spray to groom hair styling, so the groom’s hairstyle is not premature design.

2, the teeth

Teeth are the face of the second facade, the tooth is not good-looking people laugh will not look good, so suggest that the teeth are not white groom a week before the shooting, every day with white tooth paste stuff first to improve the tooth color, to the day of the shooting, the effect will be much better. If the groom’s teeth are not neat, so when photographing is best not grin, or a small open a little bit his lips just fine, don’t laugh, or else very aesthetic.

3, the skin

The bridegroom if want to shoot their handsome words, remember to take wedding should face affect the appearance of the stuff as before, such as acne, rashes and so on. If you feel the skin is too rough, so you can give yourself some mask deposited in a few days ago, on the day of shooting, you can rub some cream, shooting effect will be much better.

4, the beard

Unless the groom wanted to shoot a beard of the wedding, then, will often shave beard. To the age of marriage, the groom’s beard is easy to grow out of, had better prepare a razor, at any time can shave.

5, nail

It is important to groom nails clean, the average man may do not pay much attention to this aspect of health, but if the pictures above, groom nails inside or dark, ugly ah. So the bride first get the best husband nails do some cleaning and maintenance, we must ensure that the groom nails inside the clean. To shoot before the check again, to see if there is no temporary dust lane evening dress



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