The nuptial dress according to characteristics of all kinds of hair

Korean wedding hairstyle:

Korean wedding random tie up inclined side to side of the micro curly hair is very popular recently, leaving some pieces of hair in the face. Fresh and natural and lovely and lively. Korean mainly manifests a girl next door like feeling, so hair not too formal. Bingle bride can also try this style.

European style wedding hairstyle:

European style wedding is mainly deep low-key luxury line style, so hair noble and elegant, is the prince and Princess of the fan. Like the European style style can first forehead hair, in after the ligation of the left fishbone braid of hair from the boundary to the part of the right to apply the same methodology to the lower left lashing braid. Again behind engendering deck exquisite retro hair ornaments, immediately appear atmosphere and elegant.

Small fresh bridal hairstyle:

Small fresh wedding hairstyle reflected new vitality of young, OK and bold use innocence of the hair, long hair flowing and classic horsetail is very good choice. Sporadic, wavy can also, with the fresh makeup, hierarchical veil, cute little wreath. Is the whole people are natural atmosphere, small fresh young friends wedding hairstyle is evening dress



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