According to choose jewelry face bride

Oval face: also known as the oval round face, which is everyone called natural beauty face, wear any jewellery are very natural. If you choose a small crystal earrings, can foil more perfect face. The Nadri small crystal earrings, earrings with crystal wipe the embedding process, no claw crystal looks smooth and subtle, crystal pendant with scratching post lifts crystal, crystal clear presentation of beauty, through the use of the incident light and reflected from different angles, so that no earrings bright than the bride is exquisite, rare jiapin. With three-dimensional flower wedding, romantic.

Baby face: this face always lets a person feel very plump face, a little baby fat appearance. If the wearer u or V type pendant necklace, it will play the effect of lengthening the face. This Nadri lotus crystal pendant necklace, although the use of the traditional package insert, but in the process particularly exquisite. The pendant design sense, luster introverted, small and exquisite, showing the bride’s dignified and gentle temperament, with V neckline wedding, will give the face points oh.

Square face: square face often bring a person sedate feeling, in order to increase the facial soft feeling, love knot in this recommendation Judith Jack for your teardrop earrings. The Earrings by concentric tears style and precious Austria crystal manufacture, multi material mixture is hot this year jewelry style, while the three heavy rail material tears each are not identical, which reflects the different light Earrings add amorous bride, match skirt marriage gauze, add the lovely bride temperament.

The positive triangular face: common positive triangular face, small diamond stud earrings can reduce the cheek at the lower part of the broad sense, love knot in this recommend Kate Spade to your diamond stud earrings, catch column will Diamond Stud Earrings Sparkle, suitable for fixed, Reiki full bride to wear, with a short paragraph waist wedding dress, to add a touch of liners for the wedding dress



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