Bridal veil to buy an important step

Buy Wedding Veil: first step: look at length

Yi long yarn to short short to long yarn

Now the veil short or long, styles. Whether long or short veil veil good-looking good-looking? No conclusion! In fact, veil as an important decorated the head, the primary principle of selection is according to the wedding style to match. The general principle is the length of the staggered and wedding.

If you are selected and wedding dresses, you can choose 3-4 meters long section of the veil, forming a beautiful “tail” in the back, let marriage gauze screen is grand. But if you choose the long tail of the wedding, it is best not to use a long veil. In general, long tail wedding decoration focus in the waist, hips below, these sites often have many decorations, too long of the veil will cover the key, for this type of wedding veil, recommended length of no more than the waist is good.

Bridal veil to buy: second steps to see styles

Multilayer veil appear smaller monolayer elongated body effect

On the style, the veil is divided into single and multilayer. The two veil conveyed the feeling is completely different. For example, a short paragraph veil visual effect of multilayer comparative Peng, more suitable for temperament cute, petite bride, can look cute, lively. But a short section of the veil can visually appear smaller. It is worth reminding, this kind of veil can appear smaller, but not for the fuller bride, will appear on the upper half part is too big, but care for this and lose that.

Single yarn is the most common veil, is not easy to make mistakes of this kind of veil veil, almost everyone is fit for. But single veil especially for plump bride, elongated figure visual effect.

Select the veil of styles, but also according to the hairstyle. Generally speaking, if the hair is more complex, as far as possible to choose the style simple veil, and if your veil is more complex, hair will be as concise as possible, let vision bright spots on the veil on.

For the bride, in fact, can be two kinds of styles of the veil a try, such as the morning when location, the wedding, can choose some elaborate hairstyle, weakening the veil. And in the evening banquet, can change a simple hairstyle with a grand veil, more formal.

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