Let the bride hand more perfect ring selection rule

First of all, want to use the ring to beautify the hand type, must according to the thickness of the finger to see you.

Fingers slender, big can follow their own preferences to select the right ring finger; if round, you can choose to quit or face a wide design theme clear ring, the people attention to your ring, rather than hand; one slender fingers then select those styles show gas ring.

In addition, we can according to the following three points to choose diamond ring to beautify the hand type:

1 short finger type couple ring style tips: to defect of straight style modified hand type

Short finger type should select a straight line shape, olive shape, pear shaped ring, avoid circular, square and rectangular gemstone lovers ring. The design of the ring is best straight line or diagonal lines, because it makes the short fingers look more slender.

2 medium type refers to the secret lovers ring styles: according to personal style shaping hand type beauty

If your finger to belong to medium, you can according to hobbies and personal style wear any shape ring. Joint but remember that any ring should not long to refer to, also can not rich width of your hands. In this way, modifying your hand can achieve graceful perfect realm.

3 long finger type lovers ring style secret: passage to hand type styles add charm

A slender fingers, should wear the horizontal lines of the ring, styles such as high shape, broad, multilayer mosaic, circular and rectangular stones will be good. Avoid pear shaped, Marquise and straight ring, because they will make your fingers look slimmer, try wearing only thin rings on the same finger, horizontal stripe and slender fingers match lining, can increase the hand of magic.cheap wedding dress:www.dressgogogo.com

Sometimes the ring can create good your hand, but may not be as you wish, style don’t like, diamond quality is poor, such problems will appear. If you choose a professional custom, can avoid this problem. According to their own ideas, create your own love ring, can beautify the hand type, and if you dream of a carat diamond ring.



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