The couple take wedding pictures preparation which

Wedding, the groom preparation before a text

1 hair and teeth & beard

The groom will be make-up, hair blowing the whole look simple, but can not change too much, the best photo barber week to finish the groom before an. Hair Coloring to advance. The bride is the same.

The bridegroom if the tooth is not good, recommend the use of white teeth whitening paste like first look, or do not resolutely photographed grin! Otherwise, the effect is very poor.

Some grooms beard are easy to grow, morning shave the afternoon and long out. So the photos on the same day to wear the last electric shaver, can always scrape.

2 skin & sleep

The bridegroom not so intensive mask maintenance, but photographs the same day or to apply some more moisture cream, or dry peeling, it would have to give him the ampoule is also here!!

The wedding, the most important state of mind. Before filming a late if cannot have enough sleep, will affect the film quality.

3 footwear

The groom usually have little opportunity to shoot to foot. If there are more dynamic as the body will also appear, the insurance plan is all black shoes and socks. But in general with white yarn also can choose white suit, so white shoes also can choose. To see the bride and groom your ideas. Other colorful shoes is best not to use in case of it away, then more than a pity.

The 4 rings and nails

The groom hands will have more chances to play, so the nail trim nails, don’t play with black mud! Ring can according to need to wear a wedding ring or decorative ring, to see the shooting style. Let the bridegroom wears the last velvet pouch, mixed must close packed, we must check the pocket when you change clothes, or take a picture also lost the ring, could be in big trouble.

Wedding preparation before the bride, article two

1 head

The head is tilted slightly crooked head can make pose looks more dynamic. During the filming of the bride, the head is generally from a lens or higher shoulder side, of course, there are many works do not follow this rule. It is best to let the bride choose her like the tilt angle. High to moderate chin chin lift height, eye expression is the most important part of. In general, the eyelid and eyeball edge is connected, the eye looks the best look.

2 arm & hands

The bride’s arm and the waist to a certain gap. Which is the upper body slender bride. At the same time, the resulting triangular composition, can let the audience’s attention back to her face. In addition, the bending arm can also create attractive slash — and use these lines as the composition, but also to guide the audience will view on the bride’s face.

Let the hands and the lens is a certain angle can avoid hands look distortion or deformation. Raised his hand wrist slightly bent, can appear attractive curve, the pose is very popular in shooting the bride. The fingers slightly apart, so as to see their shape and contour.

3 Thoracic & lumbar abdomen

Let the body and lens can emphasize the chest is a certain angle profile, depending on the lighting can enhance the cleavage at the chest silhouette shadow. Positive shooting will make the chest appear peace not attractive. Pose good, can lift the chest down to the shoulder, this is especially important for shaping the lovable modelling.

Let your arms and body have a certain distance, can let the waist is fine. In the sitting position, straight back (let back inward arch) can make abdomen is flat. Try to choose a standing instead of sitting posture.

The 4 Leg & feet

Although the bride wearing the dress, the leg of the pose is still important, because it determines the whole body posture. Let the bride to the body’s focus away from cameras in the legs, the body slightly leaning can look more attractive. Do not put the center of gravity evenly over the two legs. Let the bride close to the lens leg slightly bent to form beautiful line in the bottom of the dress.

The bride usually on their shoes full of self-confidence, but if the toe at the lens will make legs look distorted. Let feet and lens with a certain angle, if can make them to different angle that is best. A golden rule is to make at least one foot to the heel side to expose.

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