The wedding bridesmaid selection criteria

1, the standard height

The height and the height of the bride bridesmaids don’t differ too big. Height can be slightly higher or lower than the new, odd odd high or low is not a good choice, because the body is too high or too low, they stood on the stage and node will be bride for eye.

2, the standard size

The groomsman and bridesmaid figure not with new shape differs greatly. Weight super or ultra small, will attract the attention of visitors. Especially the overweight the groomsman and bridesmaid, they on stage continuous stand for 40 — 50 minutes, often sweating, sweating will need to wipe their sweat, often, a movement, it will cause the guests good guffaw, so there will be interference in ongoing wedding ceremony atmosphere.

3, the standard dress

Bridesmaid’s dress color, not too bright, too loud also let visitors and newcomers to do a comparison, would cause a flamboyant master. Dress the general principle is to highlight the married couple. Some couples want to give their Bridesmaid with uniform dress, uniform clothing that seems appropriate. But the need for money to support. In September after the wedding bridesmaid dress, skirt collocation is a good choice.

4, the standard behavior

The maid of honor from the selection, should be married to new best friends, their manners, should reflect the married couple of cultural quality. So, the new people in the choice of the groomsman and bridesmaid, should pay attention to the problem. Because in the day of the wedding, a lot of things they need to take care of the couples, their life attitude, talk and act, to reflect the grade of the couples. And those after drinking buddy friends willing to help, or arrange for them to drink the wedding dress

5, beautiful or not is not standard

Some couples, especially the bride, bridesmaid often afraid too beautiful will cover yourself, this a bit excessive. We can from another angle to think, your wedding bridesmaid is very beautiful, will make all the guests, remember your wedding. Especially those men, can’t help more involved in your wedding, their active participation, will make your wedding more lively, you have such a beautiful maid of honor friends, will let you become more bright spot in the center of the wedding. However, I estimate that at the end of the wedding ceremony, your telephone charges will increase. But it may make your social circle and wider.



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