Fat bride choose wedding matters needing attention

Note: 1, the election of the texture and shape

The best choice of texture relatively stiff fat bride wedding dress, wedding dress is too soft personal defects would expose the bride of the body oh. In addition, modeling design wedding to choose the waist and skirt relatively simple style, must avoid the complicated design, best with straight cut, with lace design, can make you look slimmer.

Note: 2, correct modified arm and shoulder

To modify the arm and shoulder fat bride who must choose a font of the wedding, namely occlusion arm fat effect, and can be modified shoulder meat, in addition, high waist design can make the fat on the waist to hide, elongated body proportions, the skirt design of vertical, can also help the body to highlight lines, do not choose strapless, backless and short gown.

Note: 3, artfully waist

High waist wedding undoubtedly you fat bride are the best choice, waist high, can be the waist falling meat can be hidden in the skirt below. If it is not too much fat on the waist of the bride, also can choose to have the wedding dress or dress waist line decoration, can rise to alleviate the effect of obesity on the vision, because the use of lines will be obese at the elongated, so explicit there not so fat.cheap evening dress

Note: 4, make full use of the veil

The veil is a secret weapon fat bride, long veil can cleverly hid the little fat body, is the collocation is very clever. It is just the right length to the shoulder or longer than shoulder veil stylist, if properly handled, can cover a part of the shoulder and the arm is coarse, and the beautiful veil can let the bride more tenderness.

Note: 5, hair

Hair can play a modified facial and body effect, especially the long hair of the bride, can let a hair scattered nature in the shoulder, with simple decoration on head, let the hair covering the shoulders slightly fat, long hair can be visually let shoulder separation, will not let the chunks of superfluous meat ran out of trouble.



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