The bride wedding dress styles according to the shape selection

According to the figure choose wedding dress styles fat type:

Fat type bride: the bride may choose concise line clipping wedding dress styles, it will make you look slim; avoid complex waist skirt hem, if the bride choose slightly fluffy Princess Wedding, shoulds not be too big; choose low get better with the V collar, marriage gauze best, can put the line not elongate; optional high collar style, but also to avoid the thick type decoration.

The bride wedding dress styles according to the stature tall thin type selection:

Tall, thin type bride: Xiaobian recommended to choose the multi-level, with falbala big skirt wedding, so we can strengthen the visual feeling of fullness; can also choose to tighten the chest style, will make you more lovely; sleeves choice with lace sleeves or long sleeved, don’t worry will appear bloated, it just you are plump, but to avoid the low cut Halter style, can choose a decoration turtlenecks or collar, especially to a bag body hem fishtail wedding dress to show the advantages of the body.

The bride wedding dress styles according to the figure choose flat chest type:

Flat chest type Niang: optional slightly low cut gown with sleeves, the wedding style decoration, the upper part of the body can enhance the visual sense of expansion; waist line design, simple to highlight the chest. Avoid too fluffy down skirt Lower Uplift visual effect of chest, do not choose sleeveless low bosom outfit, make their own weaknesses cover all at one glance.

The bride should according to figure choose wedding dress styles. Stature petite:

The stature Petite: suitable for, high waist, waist pleated white yarn fabric dress, waist can “V” word rise design, in order to increase the sense of slender. The shoulder sleeve design also try to avoid exaggerated, such as bulla cuff or lotus, can choose small short sleeved dress. As far as possible to avoid wedding skirts too fluffy, resulting in heavy and highlight the body short shortcoming head light foot. The upper part of the body with gorgeous, much change, avoid long skirt veil; appropriate selection of small tail, extend the lower body line of sight, can not choose too long skirt. Princess layers of gauze skirt is the best choice of Petite bride, will make you look evening dress



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