Underwear and wedding dress collocation

Suitable for underwear, wedding role can not be ignored Oh, for example, underwear, dress like ECG intimate lover, but couples who spend a lot of time to choose in wedding dress, usually often omitted selected underwear with. Starting from the angle of a perfect match, underwear and wedding dress is as worthy of attention, which belongs to the soul of the whole wedding, reserved low-key underwear is mysterious weapon best to change the figure, a good foil has the beautiful wedding dress.

Chest relatively complete bride wedding dress underwear and collocation, chest relatively complete bride in the selection of wedding, will pay special attention to the wedding of the type will be plentiful full chest look smaller. Select the appropriate dress, generally recommend that you choose a placket. Because fly effect will be to your chest, and will not increase the “weight”.cheap wedding dress

Chest relatively flat bridal lingerie and wedding dress collocation, generally speaking, the chest is flat, the bride can choose a relatively coarse grained underwear tie-in dress, make your breasts look more curves, the dress is more charming!



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