Location wedding should choose what weather

In China, the ancients do anything to pay attention to the right person, as long as you have these conditions, so, it can successfully, also, the couple is no exception in photography. Want to make the perfect location wedding, new people in addition to consider many factors, wedding dress, makeup, photographers, shooting the weather also can not ignore oh.

The sunshine is a good day for wedding photography services, adequate light, cheerful mood is one of the important guarantee to shoot good photos. However, not on sunny days can not make a good wedding, including many need to pay attention to place.

On a sunny day in direct sunlight is strong, and under strong sunlight of portrait photography is difficult, so in time generally choose the sun position is relatively low, the light is not very strong, the sun’s brightness in the slanting mild, easy to produce the ugly as noon sun shadow.cheap prom dress

Because of this, with respect to the strong sunlight sunny day, cloudy day is more appropriate portrait shooting weather, cloudy days can achieve relatively soft light reflection and let the light by the degree of shooting objects is more ideal, but also can be in cloudy all day for filming, without interference from the strong light by the sun.

Of course, if it is a heavy fog, rain or lighting is very dark cloudy, suggest newbies choose another day of shooting. If can also be determined to shoot, only relative to other weather is, photo beauty may exist some problems.



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