Another wedding photo shooting needs to know

Another wedding photography introduction: rain structure light lets the person daydream

Requirements for rain wedding photography photographer very high rain day of shooting the wedding, because the rain water reflection, wedding photography skills properly managed can let the distant scene bright and dim the screen image, scene tone has to, do not have some flavor. But the change of rainy day light very, very test of professional photographers. When shooting the best use of professional meter metering.

Another wedding photography introduction: explain rain wedding photography skill points

Rainy day shooting, often appear overexposed phenomenon. Because the rain scene contrast polarity small, excessive exposure will make the contrast between the smaller, the photos look piece of gray. So, the general use of reducing exposure, prolong the developing ways to improve.

Another wedding photography introduction: transparent umbrella will especially perfect light refraction

Another wedding photo shooting must choose a dark background, take rain, want to choose a dark background, the silhouetted against the bright rain. If there is water in the picture, whether it is with abundant water, or water on the street, the rain falls on the surface of the water splashed a layers of ripples, also contribute to the scene of the performance. Perfect dark background let the rain rain appeared, wedding photography very high demands on the shutter speed

The rain is not vertical to the ground, the general choice of rain of the 45 degree angle. Control the shutter speed, the rain fall when dynamic perfect performance, generally by using 1/30 ~ 1/60 seconds speed is good.

Another wedding photography introduction: rainy days make the light to show a kind of hazy beauty

The rain wedding people reverie Lianpian photography in the room, through the glass window to shoot out the window of the rain, in the outdoor glass coated with a thin layer of oil drops, so it is easy to hang in the glass, easy shooting effect.

Another wedding photography introduction: color rain wedding can also be beautiful

The color of the rain wedding photos show a bluish hue, a lot of rain wedding choose a night shot, can be the performance of the most incisive raindrops. If the color filming rain, the photos will appear bluish tint obviously, this tone can render rainy cold feeling.

So, as long as the new and photographer bold enough, can make a satisfactory rain wedding dress



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