Car battery maintenance knowledge. The problem of cleaning

The car battery is one of the indispensable to the normal running of the automobile power source, how to avoid the non vehicle to reduce battery life of normal use, and prolong the use time is many owners concern.

Under normal circumstances, a car battery service life is 4 years, and the battery lifespan and the climate condition and the owner use also has the very big relations. Factors including the battery life expectancy loss common: air humidity, dust, corrosion, wear and electrode loose or too tight, automotive cable damage. In extreme cases, these factors may cause the battery rupture even more serious incidents, and humidity and dust is recognized as the two most common arch-criminal.

Keep the battery clean and tidy, and regular testing is an effective means to prolong the service life of storage battery of automobile, and the automobile battery cleaning is different from everyday objects, only with a rag to wipe clean oil plus is still far from enough.truck tyre

In the cleaning process first need to pay attention to check whether there is fire work environment, with particular attention to ban smoking during cleaning, when the engine flameout should also pay attention to disconnect the battery negative and automotive cable connection. Because the car battery contains a large number of sulfur acid will produce flammable hydrogen, met the fire prone to explosion danger. And then remember in clean before the start and after the end of all articles will dry to avoid short circuit happens.

Keep in mind that the above considerations really clean officially began, the steps are as follows:

1 professional battery electrode brush or discarded toothbrush clean battery positive, negative level of dust and corrosion products. If you accidentally removed in hand stained residue, must be timely wash.

2 in contact with the surface coated with Vaseline or lipid material to form a layer of protective film.

3 carefully check the battery, cables, beware of other potential shortened battery life factor.

4 re connection cable and a battery power system, in strict accordance with the first positive then negative order to prevent electric shock or damage to the car.

5 Finally, to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the normal engine battery connection.



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