How to do a good job of detection and maintenance of tyre

In the daily process of driving, tire is one of the most important parts of the automobile, its relationship to the occupant and vehicle handling performance in safety. So how to do well the work of detection and tire tire maintenance?

1, always check found no drum kit, cracks, cuts, pinning and abnormal tire wear. If these conditions, must find a professional inspection and repair.

2, at least every month check a car all tires in the cooling under pressure, such as the discovery of insufficient air pressure, should find out the cause of leakage. Please be sure to check (tire pressure in the tire after cooling. )

3, in the tread groove depth 1.6 mm position left wear indicator signs, tire wear and thus wear indicator, must be replaced. Use more than wear indicator tire is dangerous, especially in the wetlands traveling, because the drainage performance has been greatly reduced.

4, doing daily tire inspection and maintenance at the same time, don’t ignore the spare tire to exist, must regularly check the spare tire inflation situation, to maintain the standard pressure, avoid becoming a display at the crucial moment.

5, regular four wheel positioning of vehicle inspection, if found poor positioning, timely correction, otherwise it will cause the tire irregular wear, the influence of the tire mileage life is recommended every 8000 to 10000 kilometers, adjust a bit.

Special tips: in the maintenance of the wheel as removable tire, tyre dismantling machine should use the quality good, avoid unnecessary damage to the wheel and tire.truck tyre



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