Matters needing attention before filming new

Some matters needing attention before the shooting

Photography is the best memorial marriage, in order to leave the beautiful eternal picture. Wedding photography is composed of three parts of dress, modelling, photography, with three perfect wedding, is the key to the success or failure of.

Therefore, have a satisfied with their own wedding, need every couple in advance with stylists and photographers communication, according to personal preferences and to respect the stylists, photographers and professional position suggested mutual consensus, so as to make two perfect most personal feeling, avoid shoot wedding “formula”.

A; after the order to shoot before the time the customer please fully prepared, customers are advised to gather some you love wedding pictures, think about your love style, before the shooting in advance and his photographer and a make-up artist communication.

Two; customer 3 days before the shooting, need to pick out the day of filming the wedding dress and ahead of the upper part of the body needs, try on.

Three; in the distance shooting 3-5 days. During this time is the time need to maintain good mood, we will be in your shot the day before the call to inform you of the day filming related note, please keep the mobile phone is unimpeded, to ensure the smooth completion of second days of shooting.

Four of the men and women of their attention;


The 1 pictures before 2 days, conditions allow suggestions can do beauty, every night with a moisturizing mask. On the day of shooting, keep skin moist and beautiful, easy on the makeup.

2 trim fingernails, toenails, shampoo.

3 wearing open collar clothes, easy to change the makeup.

4 plain face came, with daily use cream and cream, make-up make-up before according to requirements reuse.

5 can bring some everyday like jewelry and toys or some commemorative items.

6 wear light colored open chest underwear, with no shoulder strap bra.


1 shaved his evening dress

2 clean hair, but don’t glue and finalize the design water.

3 black and white with two pairs of socks, a pair of black leather shoes production.

The 4 pictures before half month barber, a week from the pictures don’t get a haircut.

5 as far as possible according to the agreed time, do not delay, so as not to shoot the lack of time.



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