Records of small family well-being of pregnant women to take wedding photos need to be know

The pregnant woman can shoot wedding?

Photography is the use of natural light or light, sensitive people or scenery into the camera lens on it. Some people worry that during pregnancy photos would have a negative impact on children, actually this kind of worry is not necessary. Digital camera and no radiation, is with natural light imaging, pats the nuptial dress does not produce radiation, during the entire shoot, harmful rays produce the camera never, natural light or light will not cause harm to the body. So, whether it is pregnant or is the baby, will not be affected because of the camera.

On the contrary, the camera can add fun to the life of people. Nature is not what the impact of the baby, as long as you pay attention to rest, do not transition fatigue had no effect on the baby, but photography can give newcomers bring good mood is good for the baby, so pregnant women to take wedding photos can be! But when pregnant women in the wedding pictures to the attention of a lot of matters.

The matters needing attention in pregnant women wedding

1, if the wedding of overwork overworked, pregnant women will have an impact on the fetus, so the night before a photography must ensure adequate rest, if the location filming, preferably in fine weather, suggest another new interiors and exteriors wedding divided into two days of shooting, it can guarantee pregnant women have enough time to rest.

2, on the day of shooting to at home a good rub the skin care products, has the condition to the pregnant mother can bring their own flour, and some foundation and lip gloss, it can guarantee the health, to avoid germs! Suggest gestational weeks small quasi mother wore tights to shoot loose clothes but is your stomach. Usually adhere to long-term on skin care and maintenance is very important, if you usually neglect it, before taking a picture, a month to the skin do care to care for your skin, recommend doing some facial mask specially filmed the previous night Oh, let the skin in good condition for second days to finish shooting, in a day before taking pictures at night, remember not to drink too much water, the water will cause the face even puffy eyes will be a serious impact on the body!cheap wedding dress



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