How to keep warm winter wedding the bride

A welcome area, located in the outdoor / to the door

If the wedding arrangements the welcome ceremony, please calculate good time, don’t let the guests wait too long in outdoor. If the ceremony venue lobby or porch is large enough, it might be welcome ceremony arranged in after the ceremony, the guests can in the indoor waiting behind. If the scheduled wedding Yingbin, please don’t be welcome area located in the banquet hall of the main entrance. Otherwise, the light is the guest and host waiting in front of the chinchin, the people behind would have frozen fainted.

Two, the lack of warmth is tonal

Winter wedding colors are mostly limited to white, red, green and other Christmas theme colors, why not try to enable the “inverted” scheme? Will each big brand one after another to follow the trend of the fruit color into your wedding! You can create a tropical wedding scene environment with fresh fruit color orange mango, pineapple, lemon green yellow, eye-catching. Take out your “counter intuitive” color scheme, make the guests be taken by surprise, willing to fall into your careful arrangement of the fairy tale “trap”!

Three, only the beauty of reckless

The formulation of the bridesmaids warm clothing for the plan, must consider the bridesmaids what outdoor activities. “Shoes” in the ground are difficult to grasp, let alone the snow, from one place to another, better let the bridesmaids were put on sport shoes or shoes. Considering that most area in the winter temperature is low, so the light on cashmere coat I’m afraid not, must also be ready to.

Four, can not send excessive warmth

I know it is really cold winter outdoor winter wedding, but avoid indoor overheating! Temperature is too high will only let the guests be sleepy straws. cannot mention the spirit, no dancing mood. Better let the wedding coordinator or site manager will air conditioning temperature lower gear; or, in different functional zones of different temperature settings, the banquet hall slightly higher temperature, lower stage / entertainment hall.

Five, the hospitality district “warm” scheme

Winter wedding held indoors, hospitality area than the summer compared more limitation. May wish to use the “anti space” design, fuzzy sense of space, enlarge the five sense experience, bring the novel warm decoration effect. For example, in the sun to fall gradually with time, Yu Wen sunset, lit candles, creating a visual “warmth”; or with some thick soft decoration to create “touch” warmth. For example, with velvet ribbon tied napkin; or select chenille fabric making pillows or sofa wedding dress

Six, bridesmaid dress “warm” scheme

Think about it: the spotlight, “snowman loaded” bridesmaids sweat, makeup lost…… this appalling scene is absolutely every winter bride nightmare. The actress has light wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses are not wearing awkward. “Winter covered with fur summer wear gauze” old history in winter on the wedding can not apply, long sleeved dress, mercerized satin, all Out! With Strapless design, doupion silk counter season mounted elements, making the lithe elegant air sense Bridesmaid “warm” fake it.



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