National wedding customs

China: traditional aesthetic

The traditional Chinese wedding learning atmosphere of beautiful, the most traditional Chinese wedding jewelry, requires a pair of golden flower. A gold ring on gold, a pairLongfeng bracelet, pendant and gold also is a multiple of 9, a symbol of “happy and long”. Inthe northern part of our country, “gold” and the continuation of the custom. The composition of China has 56 ethnic groups, unique marriage customs of each nationality.

France: Romantic

The French born romantic character, also gives the jewelry unique romantic French, the French and the love of the jewelry lovers are inseparable, almost each stage has different jewelry to witness. While the proposal to give the woman a ring ring, the woman consented to return the man a wristwatch. If both parties have handed down in the family antique jewelrycan also be transferred to the new, meaning from generation to generation, the romance of the French is also reflected in the jewelry personality, general new ring by the new custom made, as two proprietary love witness.

Greece: the religious mainstream

Greek wedding ceremony is very complex, in the past, if not held in the church wedding,wedding or even no legal recognition, as the birthplace of the European jewelry, weddingwedding ring in Greece for the choice of very traditional, olive branch, laurel and other ancient patterns, people can identify the Greek style, in addition new people in the ring, the inside will be engraved name, in the exclusive. As the Greek many people are Orthodox Christians, so they will put the wedding rings are worn on the right wedding dress

India: Gold covered

India should be the national gold consumption most, India wedding, the bride hate not the body with the gold surrounded, wearing the colors of gold jewelry, carving patterns are brokenexotic ancient, local argument is, wear more gold jewelry for the bride, will be paid attention toin her husband’s house, also called the bride jewelry as a “life size gold”.

Italy: Wedding lucky day

Italy Jewelry world famous, gathered a large number of top jewelry brands in the world. Jewelry in the Italians were given the embodiment of beauty and of the faithful love symbol. With Italy’sclassic jewelry married couples, but also love advocate, of course is also very luxurious palacebreath. Italy local there are such folk custom, the wedding day to accept the groom’s ringbefore the bride, not wearing any Jin Shipin, or you will have bad luck.



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