The bride wedding skills

A, slender bride

This is of the bride to save a lot of trouble. Any wedding suit. The best wedding as a fishtail skirt dress. If slender premise, is still relatively full, can choose the lace type design simple, rotator cuff with low collar, this will add to the visual sense.

Two, the too thin bride

“Thin” is every woman has been the pursuit of the goal. But sometimes too thin, will also give you trouble oh. For example: the bride is too thin, and some of the clothes you like do not hold up. At this time, the bride can choose turtleneck wedding, avoid low cut or too much bare wedding dress

Three, the arm is too thick to bride

We will put the people become the “kylin arm”. So the bride should pay attention, do not wear too thin gauze, try to match the shawl to cover up his arm, to avoid more prominent your own shortcomings.

Four, waist thick bride

This kind of bride can choose triangle style wedding, the wedding can focus on fuzzy vision. And the bride wear high waist doll wedding dress, also can achieve very good results oh. At the same time, the bride should focus on the design requirement, simple, not complex.



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