The groom dress shirt collar type how to choose

The groom dress although no bride dress like that complicated, but the dress is fastidious is delicate, no matter how to choose, dress to wear on the body to bring out the temperament itself caixing. A dress is Choi also test from the details, the bridegroom when choosing shirts have not thought to pick the right type of collar yourself? In fact, the choice suits own shirt collar type can be more foil a bridegroom handsome appearance and temperament.

1,type: collar is round, this is not suitable for wearing at ordinary times, is the best and classic suit with.

2, pin collar type: this can be called a clip hole type, this is on both sides of the collar of each central hole, and then when the tie can be clip piercing fixed. This type of collar has strong decorative effect, is generally three piece suits and formal style clothes, should not be so casual wedding dress

3, wing collar type: also known as small wing type, this type of collar is generally collar standing vertically, collar tip bent forward, is specifically designed to be used with dress.

4, short collar type: as the name suggests, short collar type collar collar length is shorter than the other, generally not more than 6 cm, open angle of approximately 80 degrees, more suitable with narrow waist suit. This collar will make people look younger, more energetic point.

5, regular: This is the most common type of collar shirt collar, its biggest characteristic is relatively stable, suitable for all ages and face in this style, and is not affected by the tide, work can wear, tie-in dress wear have no what problem.



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