Fat bride choose wedding skills

1, concise style best

In general, the fat bride choose the wedding must pay attention to three points: design should be simple, not too fussy lace or fold. The skirt design must be a A font wedding dress, skirt as simple as possible, don’t blindly follow the trend, not in front of the wedding cake is a laminated type or lace decoration too much wedding; strapless and short wedding is taboo, do not try.

Two, the collar design

Simple strapless wedding is the bride of choice for many mild, simple and elegant, sexy V collar can not only a decorative arms also show the bride alluring. Fat bride can also be as thin as a bride try wedding tape, let the rounded body more beautiful.cheap evening dress

Three, a font wedding

To modify the arm and shoulder fat MM who must choose a font of the wedding, the material than the stiffness, design color is steady. That is, a sheltered arm fat effect, and can be modified shoulder meat, in addition, high waist design can make the fat on the waist to hide, elongated body proportions, the skirt design of vertical, pull the upper body shape can also help the body to highlight lines.

Four, the use of veil

The veil is a secret weapon fat bride, long veil can cleverly hid the little fat body, is the collocation is very clever. It is just the right length to the shoulder or longer than shoulder veil stylist, if properly handled, can cover a part of the shoulder and the arm is coarse, and the beautiful veil can let the bride more tenderness.



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