Spark plug function

Spark plug type identification

Domestic spark plug model consists of three parts of numbers or letters. The numbers indicate the front thread diameter, such as the number 1, said thread diameter 10mm, the middle letter said spark plug screwed into the cylinder part length; last digit of that spark plug heat type: 1-3 type 5, 6 hot, for the medium, 7 above the cold type. Spark plug “gap” is the main technical indicators, the gap is too large, the ignition coil and distributor generates high voltage to skip, resulting in difficulty in starting the engine; if the clearance is too small, will lead to a weak spark, but prone to leakage.truck tyre

Spark plug inspection car replacement

Spark plugs removing: high pressure points on the spark plug wire are removed, and marked the original location, in order to avoid installs. Note that the prior removal spark plug hole of dust and debris in the demolition, to prevent debris falling into the cylinder. When removing the spark plug socket stuck with the spark plug, turn the sleeve to remove it, and in turn row.

Spark plug cleaner: there is oil or coke spark plug should be cleaned in time, but do not flame grill. Such as the ceramic core is damaged, broken, should be replaced.

Spark plug inspection: spark plug electrodes normal color is gray white, such as electrode black and accompanied by burning coke, then there is a fault. Check when the spark plug and the cylinder conduction, central high tension line contact terminal of the spark plug, and then turn the ignition switch, observe the high voltage jump position. Such as the location of electric spark plug gap jump, then the spark plugs work well, otherwise, that is, to be renewed.

Spark plug gap adjustment: the spark plug gap are different in various models, the general should be between 0.7-0.9, check the gap size, the available spark plugs or thin gauge sheet metal for. If the clearance is too large, the available screwdriver handle gently knock outside the electrode, the gap is normal; gap is too small, you can use screwdriver or metal electrode insert outwards wrenched.

Replace spark plugs: spark plug for perishable items, general 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement signs are not jump, or discharge in part by the ablation electrode in a circular. In addition, as found in the use of frequently spark deposition, off the fire, generally because of the spark plug is too cold, to be used for hot spark plug; if issued impact sound hot ignition phenomenon or cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.



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