The basic styles of men’s suit

1, flat type dress

Also known as Prince dress, single row and double breasted can, tailoring the design is similar to suit. Due to less formal morning dress and tuxedo, can be used for a wedding dress on the queue, and more generally for wear the wedding ceremony.

Formal wear flat type dress coat, shirt, trousers,: collocation tripe and tie.

2, the morning coat

Also known as the British gentleman dress, is the male daytime formal dress. In front of a button placket, formerly backward and downward a herringbone drag, the backswing is round, waist hem slits. More suitable for a bookish or overall temperament good groom wore.

Formal wear morning dress method: coats, shirts, trousers, with a vest and tie.

3, suit

Lounge suit and can not be used in formal situations especially your own wedding dress is grand. But if the suit closure collar made of satin, become a dress suit, with bow tie and shirt girdle, and must be on the front pleated design dress shirt, can wear on the wedding dress

Formal wear law suit, shirt, trousers, jacket: groom wedding dress styles with waistband and tie four.

4, tuxedo

This is the most common, most can be modified body dress kind, usually dress after six p.m.. The characteristic is the long and short in front, the predecessor of length and waist, back stretch, can show slender legs, and a contraction in the waist of the effect.

Formal wear law dovetail type dress coat, trousers, shirt, vest and scarf collocation.



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