The choice of small details of the wedding shoes

A, color

The first choice when the wedding shoes the first to consider is the Is it right? Dress with their own wedding dress color matching, color mostly in white, ivory white, champagne and so on, are well, but the dress also has a lot of Oh, big red, rose red, red jujube, golden etc. in general, are light or gold, silver and so on, can and wedding collocation can also and dress collocation Oh, usually wear too which is more suitable for choice oh.

Two, the sole

At the wedding the bride needs to stand up time will be more, so when selecting wedding shoes sole choice as far as possible to choose the design before the bottom waterproof Taiwan, also increase comfort can also increase the height of the oh. So when choosing a sole suggest newbies must be suited to their own, or on the wedding day, compare hurt your feet will rise, will give later leave sequela Oh, can let oneself wear high-heeled shoes will foot pain, it will also make you lose your high-heeled shoes machine will oh.

Three, height

Considering the height is because the bride needs to stand for a long time, so the choice of the heel is not easy too long Oh, although with a fine can show women sexy charm, coarse and will be more comfortable to wear, so the best choice is comfortable on the line, not easy too high wedding dress

Four, the welt

Now select the time most of the bride wedding shoes will choose a wedding dress collocation with the wedding shoes, this will inevitably make marriage shoe. Oh, because in order to bring out the bride elegant temperament, try not to make too much of the toe way Oh, in the welt choice also try to closed style Oh, if doesn’t like so, suggest newbies can choose to open mouth on the line.



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