The two European style wedding photos and shooting point

One of the key points, and shooting two European style wedding in England style:

British style wedding with elegant natural subtle features, performance gentlemanly demeanor and aristocratic temperament. The use of a large number of lace wedding dress, spinning, falbala, ribbons, bows, pleated elements, and the collar, waist, princess sleeve style.

Shooting point:

The real scene, moving action not too obtrusive, according to the environmental characteristics, in order to exchange between two people who mainly show the man, grace and elegant, intellectual wedding dress

The main points and shooting two European style wedding, the wedding palace fan two:

European royal style wedding is the emphasis on the emotional expression, characteristics of exotic flow, dramatic, exaggerated, is a gorgeous model, representative style, Rococo, Ba Rococo classicism etc..

Shooting point:

In order to highlight the image of luxury and elegant, flash light source is the main choice. Strong sense of light and shade, light and dark contrast, can show the screen texture and layering. Unity must pay attention to the direction of the light. The use of colors highlight color, composition of picture with bright color saturation or brightness low dark color, produces rich, deep color effect.



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