Bride wedding jewelry collocation errors

1, makeup and hairstyles mix

Marriage is one of the most important things in life, every bride wants to be able to in the wedding ceremony to show their best side, so most of the bride in the wedding ceremony must be friends think gorgeous shine, so they should also follow the makeup should also be strong hand principle in makeup and hair above, this effect is often run counter to one’s desire. In fact, in the wedding the last exquisite makeup tie-in casually pull hair, is the most natural beauty.

2, jewelry worn problem

A suitable jewelry for the bride to other Zengguang luster, in the wedding ceremony, most of the bride like select flash drill series decoration, because it will look elegant, in fact, this is a very appropriate. But if the bride exaggerated necklace earrings to match, then there will be cumbersome redundancy effect, so in the choice of special shine accessories, earrings and necklaces best choose prom dress

3, with the color of the flower

Holding the flower not only carries the sweet love between couples, it is a kind of happiness continues, so it’s choice is also very important. Maybe in a few years ago, people are willing to match the stars with rose, but now if this match will be very out, these a few years hit color is very popular, such as blue with yellow, and then with a white wedding dress is very nice. 4, the bride wedding shoes color

Will most festive this bride in wedding day red style, because this is very much in line with the wedding atmosphere, and the red since ancient times is China traditional marriage theme color, but if the bride is dressed in white wedding dress, and then with a pair of red wedding shoes, it seems too abrupt and eye-catching. So the bride friends remind here, white yarn must choose white or light colored nude this wedding shoes to match, of course, if itself is a red wedding dress, so with a pair of red wedding shoes is very appropriate.



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