How to choose the location shooting wedding spots

How to choose the location shooting wedding spots

1, the petty bourgeoisie taste Park attractions

“C” is the most serious mood of a group of new-new generation, to this kind of consumption like-minded groups, the vast studio launched kinds of park type location. Park hands wedding photo and location, the natural style so handsome build romantic atmosphere, thus meaning between the groom and the bride’s happiness and touching. Indoor landscape by photographers capture different angle, and produce different visual effects, is the human and natural perfect link representation.

2, European style founded attractions

Stale building, 100 years of history, is full of European style palace to open the since closed, nor will it instrument sway most incisive, each couple yearning for the old buildings and hope to choose this kind of location. Meteorological mediation European architecture and character, is the western culture and the construction of the new asylum should be selected evening dress

3, once owned garden villa sites

Have their own Les Loges Du Park Hotel is each couple worship in their career, then you can choose to go to this that had a short time. Villa location all have the person of asylum, not at the filming site revealed crowd scene, let the couple came to enjoy the true role, romantic “with” joy.



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