Shoot Korean hunshazhao should pay attention to matters

Korean wedding photography clothing:

The general choice of Korean wedding (vertical sense of good, smooth lines), Korean fashion (color is pure and fresh, simple design) or archaic palace hanbok (elaborate). The traditional Korean wedding is installed special waist, chest tightening, chest naturally drooping, fit to body defect cover women. Now by the studio in favor of the Korean hunshazhao fabrics more luxurious wedding, multi inlaid with pearls, diamonds, but the style is not complicated, preferably with a long tail.

Korean wedding photography background:

Classic style choose gradual change color and pattern elegant wallpaper or tie dyed fabric as the background, such as Coffee color, brown, lavender; digital background natural style choose life background or imitation location, background tone brighter.

Korean wedding photography makeup:

Korean makeup natural exquisite, best with uniform color on the makeup, makeup face not too thick. Foundation color modified face makeup available in three colors similar to create three-dimensional face. Korean style characteristic mainly manifests is used more in the head shape, Peng, twist, weave: technique, also often uses wide packet with a crown or issuing partial Bang hairpin or big flower headdress.

Korean wedding photography shooting posture:

In the quiet, introverted static beauty, can be a little elegant movement, such as letting the swing up hair and skirt.

Korean wedding photography light:

Especially pay attention to the use of light and the characters of nuances of characterization. General use of lights light, and emphasize the characters face bright and outline the outline to the character, emphasizing the character modeling three-dimensional and picture sense of space.

Korean wedding photography tone:

The color of the picture is generally high and low profile two. High profile picture is dominated by white, low profile picture to Coffee based color.

Korean hunshazhao style:

1, the high-profile style

Style characteristic: high profile, freehand, romantic, photos to let the audience feel emotions from the picture of the extension and the pleasant aesthetic.

2, the classical traditional style

Style: light is more complex, emphasize the shaping characters with light stereo feeling. Modeling and scene is very simple

3, fashion and retro style

Style characteristic: a bold attempt to contrast, will be a variety of seemingly different styles together. Shooting Beijing nuptial dress photography by continuous light source, so that the light intensity is relatively weak, the temperature change is big, easy to control the depth of wedding dress

4, elegant aesthetic style

Style characteristics: the use of digital background mix the spurious with the genuine and different wedding dress, quietly elegant tonal give priority to, elegant, pure and sweet feeling.



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