Summer car cooling method

Sorching summer, scorching sun overhead, many owners like parked in the open air, opened the door, like a heat wave hit the oncoming. When long time open air exposure, the temperature inside the car will continue to rise to linear soar to 50~60 degrees, is higher than the outside temperature, make people mad, so, how to let the car cool?

Car cover

Put on a relatively cool clothes makes human body feel comfortable many, moreover is the car, of course, also want to wear it on a garment slightly, insulation cover very effective sunscreen cooling products, package design, using a special heat reflective material, so even in the sun for hours, the car the temperature is raised only a few degrees.

Cooling agent

Ice cooling, certainly also has the thing can make the temperature inside the car is reduced, the cooling agent, it is a very effective sunscreen cooling equipment. Can realize the rapid cooling, to the human body can adapt to temperature, make human body feel comfortable; no harm to human health.

The sun block

There is also a sunscreen cooling effects. Sunshade, heat insulation effect is poor than automobile heat insulation cover, but it can only block the sun from the window into the barrier, cannot bring direct sunlight roof heat.

Car cushion

The weather is hot, even the buttock is hot, the best placed inside the car owners in the seat cushion, can effectively prevent bask in cooling. Summer car cushion which is good, experts generally recommend the use of flax car seat cushion or ice silk cushion of automobile. Because of flax has daily warming up slowly, cool and breathable, moisture wicking properties, very suitable for summer use, so even in the sun exposure hours, cushion itself temperature rise is not obvious. Ice characteristics than flax almost, is also very good summer cushion. Owners can choose by oneself.

Rapid ventilation temperature lowering method

The owner can roll down the other side of the window seat, then the passenger side door many times repeatedly switch, speed up the car exhaust hot gas. Within a few minutes, the temperature can drop a lot of car fast. To open the air-conditioning.truck tyre

Window driving cooling method

You can also put all the windows and skylights, travel journey, make the hot gas inside the car quickly after discharge, then close the window open air conditioning.


You friend if you feel hot car, may wish to try the above method.



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