In the spring of Automobile Maintenance Tips

Spring is coming, the owners in the busy daily work and driving the leisure, don’t forget to do the vehicle seasonal maintenance. In fact, the car and the human body, the car can put it as his own body, respiratory system, skin must check to.


In change garments according to the maintenance, it is best to give the car a paint beauty. The acidic components in the spring rain has strong corrosive effect on the car paint, in the course of time will cause damage to the car paint, so in the rain more spring, seasonal maintenance of the car must not ignore waterproof work. In change garments according to the maintenance, it is best to give the car a paint beauty. Car wax car maintenance is conventional. The wax wax to natural or synthetic wax as main ingredient, it penetrated by the paint slot to make smooth and to increase the brightness of the light effect. The traditional wax the car is more than light protection as priority, and now with the development of automotive beauty industry, car waxing is endowed with new connotation, namely polishing wax and the increasingly extensive application. If a car wax, can achieve better luminous effect requires a relatively thick wax layer.

The interior

It seldom owner window ventilation, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of bacteria inside the car, the spring temperatures rise, coupled with the humid air, is all kinds of germs multiply growth season. Therefore, special attention should be paid to vehicle interior biocontrol work, let the car indoor keep dry and clean, especially for car cushion, the air outlet of these health corner more to do cleaning work, keep the environment inside of dry clean.

First of all, can give cars use air conditioning system sterilization deodorant, can remove the dirt on the evaporator air conditioning system, solve the air conditioner odor problems, protect your health. We remind the owners, in their own for car interior cleaning, use neutral detergent to clean, do not use material cleaning, contains a strong acid-base in addition, in the cleaning should pay attention to avoid the audio, radio, CD and other electrical equipment water and subjected to corrosion.

Air filter

Auto air filter is equivalent to a human nose, is the first “levels” of air entering the engine to go through, its role is to filter out the air in the sand and some suspended particles, so that the air entering the engine clean, so as to make the engine work normal. But the spring air contains more dust, tiny grains of sand, the air filter is prone to jam, then the engine will appear not easy starting, idling instability symptoms such as weakness. General automotive air filter 15000-20000 km or 6-12 months to replace a spring, the best in 2000 kilometers will check again, it is good for engine.

Detection in the first outing in the post

Spring is a good time to travel, experts remind everybody, trip before the necessary testing can not be ignored, especially SUV, more careful detection.truck tyre

Should first check the brake system, the first to feel the abnormal braking system, reaction is sensitive. At the same time, check the tires, have a look whether a foreign body, above the damaged place, marking line wear will check the tire, if has worn to mark line will be timely replacement tires. The second is to listen to the car when driving chassis parts of any abnormal sound, whether there is leakage place, need oil, fluid replacement should be promptly replaced. In addition to remind SUV owners had better shorten change mileage, regular replacement of high quality oil. The third step is to check the engine compartment, have a look whether the circuit aging, damaged areas, the parts is loose, deformation, if problems are found, to repair, timely treatment.



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