The running in period of car of six big taboo

1 avoid emergency braking: emergency brake not only makes the running in the brake system by the impact, but also increase the impact load of the chassis and engine, the first running 300 kilometers, it is best not to emergency braking.

2 avoid overload: the new car in the running in period such as full load operation, can cause damage to the machine. Therefore, in the initial running 1000 kilometers, the general load should not exceed the rated load 75%-80%.

3 avoid run long distance: the new car in the running in period of engine run long-distance, continuous working time will increase, easy to cause the wear of machine parts.

4 avoid high speed: new period within the speed limit, domestic car in general 40-70 km / h, imported cars generally at 100 km / h, at wide open throttle, speed does not exceed the maximum speed of 80%, and in the running to observe the engine tachometer and speedometer, ensure the work in the medium speed. In general, the running in period of engine speed should turn / points in 2000-4000.truck tyre

5 avoid premature oil: oil is the oil car initial running in period of special requirements for oil, low viscosity, good heat dissipation, antioxidant properties, superior cleaning, some car factory also joined with grinding agent to adjust, so the running in period of oil as long as the manufacturers specified time just, not premature replacement.

6 avoid started not hot: new car must be preheated before starting, the so-called real to the engine preheating is a sufficient lubrication of the time, especially the turbocharged models, we must first preheat to start, and lubrication time should be at least more than a minute.



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