Korean wedding bride hairstyle how to design

Korean bride hairstyle: elegant temperament type

The forehead bangs all comb fixed, highlight the exquisite makeup. On both sides of each selected a strand of hair twisted, adding some hair to create flower modelling. The rest of the anti scraping create fluffy hair, then rotating, with hair. Finally, exquisite pearl pin or head yarn factory elegant temperament.

Korean bridal hair two: fashion and elegant type

The first hair anti scrape the fluffy effect, then the hair is divided into two parts, and the long hair with bangs. The forehead bangs all comb hair, the rest of the different levels, the upper bound into the balls are Bob, the rest of the hair to create the effect of coating. Let the entire Korean bride hairstyle is very agile and stylish, finally on the perfect combination of feather silk gauze made bride headdress, absolutely perfect.cheap prom dress

Korean bridal hair three: retro charm type

The hair three seven carding, boundaries need not too obvious. The hair covering the ears pulled back, fixed. The hair tail hair by hair tools to create a three-dimensional wave effect, finally fixed with hairspray, create a retro charming gentle pull hair.

Korean bride hairstyle four: double disc hairstyle

The noble upper and lower double disk, most can show the unique and elegant style, streamlined silhouette with exquisite shining bride headdress, let the bride graceful unceasingly. Light pick ears hair can make the contour of face look more compact and detailed bride.



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