Different wedding with what kind of wedding shoes

1 after the wedding also has use value

The bride in the selection of wedding shoes, to take into account the actual utilization of wedding shoes. If you want to buy a good pair of shoes, feet in the wedding suffer less, so after the wedding can wear must be taken into account. You can choose a pair of shoes is not very high shoes, color to white and silver, or milk white, beige is all-match color. At the end of the wedding but also can be used with other clothing.

2 beach wedding wear what shoe

Wear high heels on the beach wedding, is a bad choice. For the beach wedding, choose sandals or slippers pinch is a good idea. If you think this is normal, but also can bring an anklet, this unique approach allows you to add a stylish beach wedding smart breath. Wedding on the beach, if the bride wedding dress material is very thin, but also very beautiful barefoot.

3 with a lace shoes

Lace wedding dress collocation not decorated with white leather shoes, is the best combination. With lace lace shoes, can be a bit cumbersome, when you’re wearing a gorgeous dress with lace, may wish to wear a pair of simple style of shoes. Similarly, lace shoes with a simple style of dress will be very good results.cheap evening dress

The 4 winter wedding wear what shoe

Winter wedding shoes should not only beautiful, but also play a warm effect. White boots and a rigid ankle will be your choice. So you don’t feel light, chic, feminine. Satin dress and dress boots you same texture, will be the most perfect solution. An elaborate wedding, should be paired with a nice pair of shoes. Don’t ignore a pair of small shoes, maybe it will make your wedding cake, may make you more than any other bride highlights. Don’t drift, the same is not let you out.



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